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Garage Door Springs - The Garage Door Experts!

Garage door springs replacement is one of the most difficult and risky repairs you can perform. For broken springs replacement, you’re better off calling a professional. The Garage Door Experts can replace your garage door springs quickly and safely due to our highly trained and experienced technicians.

Garage Door Springs Service in Maple Grove, MN

Garage door problems can be a real hassle, and we can provide you with the services you required in order to fix them. We offer springs, torsion springs, extension springs, spring adjustment, springs repair, and installing garage springs

In order to maintain the efficient functioning of the garage door springs, spring replacement services are essential. We can diagnose spring problems and make replacements if necessary for homeowners.

You need a solution quickly if your garage can’t be accessed while the springs are out. Because of this, our service is available on the same day and our springs can be changed quickly and efficiently to ensure a long-lasting solution. As we provide service close to our locations, you can rely on The Garage Door Experts for quick and dependable service.

Garage Door Springs - The Garage Door Experts LLC

Garage Door Torsion Springs - Automated Or Manual Openers

Based on the type of entry door and when it was installed, each door has its own set of springs. An automated or manual opener opens roll-up doors by lifting the weight with torsion springs. Depending on how much your door is opened and closed, the springs last for seven to ten years. The weight of doors is balanced out by one or two torsion springs. If one spring breaks, the door will remain upright with two springs. Maple Grove garage door experts can install repair or replace torsion springs to maintain the beauty of your doors.

Garage Door Extension Springs - Replacement Of Springs!

Extension springs make lifting a one-piece garage door easier. Both sides of the door require extension springs. Ten to twelve years is about the life expectancy of the door’s two or four springs. Damaged or broken springs can present hazards, and incorrectly replaced springs can also cause injury. Our experts can replace springs on any garage door, regardless of the make or model. Besides offering free quotes and guarantees on workmanship, Maple Grove also offers the replacement of springs.

Garage Door Spring Adjustment - Broken Spring Repair


Broken spring repair or adjustment is what we do the best. Garage door springs are constantly under tension. Your car may get stuck in your garage because the springs frequently need to be replaced. When you work with us, we handle all of the repair needs, from the proper tools to experience, and time. With our knowledge and expertise, the spring adjustment can be completed as soon as possible.

Whether you require a broken spring adjustment or spring replacement, we will arrange for one of our trustworthy technicians to arrive for an immediate diagnosis. With a workforce capable of replacing broken springs, all types of springs are on hand with us. In addition, to lubricate your door, we cover your springs for a long period.

Installing Garage Springs

We provide the best customer service for installing garage springs in the industry. We pride our company has been in the industry for many years and has a large customer base. Installing garage springs, repair and replacement technicians are always punctual and prepared. You can also call us when you need to install garage door springs.

We Can Assist 24/7!

You can get our garage door springs repair, replacement, and installation services 24/7. Our experts can fix all types of garage doors. You can hire our professionals when you see any breakage or damage in your springs. Call our team to assist you whenever you need us. Check our website to know more about us!

Garage Door Springs - FAQ

We can install all types of springs like torsion springs, tension springs, and extension springs. Call our professionals to install garage door springs.

Yes, we can replace your springs very efficiently. You can call our experts to replace your springs.

Yes, our entry door services are very reliable and trusted. You can get our services at a very reasonable rate.

Yes, our services are available 24/7 to serve you anywhere in the city.